5 top tips for someone with ADHD


1. Having ADHD can be a challenge but it also has major benefits such as creative outside the box thinking, being a fantastic communicator and being able to get through a lot of tasks quickly.


2. Get to know yourself – the term neurodiverse (which is an umbrella term that ADHD falls under), means we all have unique brains, so your ADHD won’t be the same as another person’s ADHD. There is no, one size fits all, so work out how YOUR brain works and take action to manage the challenges and enjoy the benefits.


3. Identify the areas of life that you find challenging and ask for support when you need it. This can take the form of one-to-one coaching, which we can offer, please check out our website. Or finding tips that work for you from sources such as ADHD UK or YouTube channels dedicated to supporting people with ADHD such as How to ADHD.


4. If you feel able to, make sure that people around you, know that you are working really hard to overcome your particular challenges. E.g. Time blindness is common for people with ADHD, meaning that unless you are conscious of time by wearing a watch and setting alarms for reminders, it doesn’t have the same meaning for you. This can lead to being late, or even missing appointments as you may have got the wrong day.


5. Have many different strategies that can help with the same challenge as you will get bored of it. Have a menu of strategies so when you notice you’re not using one, you can pick another one quickly.


Here’s an extra one – find your tribe! Having ADHD can be exhausting, confusing and frustrating, but it can also be awesome! Find like minded people and seek out the positives as well as the challenges for a more rounded approach. You can find people who have set up local groups on social media such as Facebook or search the message boards on Reddit for more tips and tricks.


Sarah Bridgeman, Senior Coach, 3SC