3SC – Partnerships with purpose: A New Approach

April 11th 2018

The social enterprise 3SC, which brings third sector organisations together to deliver major public service contracts has developed a new website, brand identity and on-line e-magazine, 3SC IMPACT, to promote and support its expanding activities.

A core feature of the new-look 3SC is the collaboration with fresh and growing new businesses that will add social value to its work on behalf of the third sector.

The new strap-line “Partnerships with Purpose” captures the essence of the changing 3SC, by reflecting its drive to partner with new social enterprises on behalf of the greater good. The objective is to increase scale, volume, opportunity and innovation for the new 3SC.

3SC believe the current system of public sector contracting is not working and are hosting an event at the House of Commons on May 22nd 2018 to launch a debate on the role of the third sector in the reform of public sector procurement. This revitalised vision of 3SC is driven in part by a recognition that the problems we face are endemic, considerable, and increasingly complex – from social care to improving community cohesion. 3SC is committed to embracing the emerging momentum, where social outcomes are increasingly happening at the intersection of the public, private and third sector.

The landscape has changed, and so has 3SC. In partnership with government and business, it is committed to achieving more social good – and are forging partnerships that deliver social impact.

In the eight years since it was established 3SC has already achieved much, in justice, employment, and health – all areas that have been badly hit by the pressure on public finances. The strong reputation 3SC has in the sector means that it will continue with work in these areas, but also extend its strong reach into other areas.

John Swinney, 3SC’s Chair, says: “The new strap-line, logo, website and e-magazine are no mere cosmetics, but reflect our refreshed determination to act as a leader in mobilising public and private sector finance, to create better outcomes for the neediest in our society. We believe that a broader spectrum of businesses, working together and complementing each other in the winning and delivery of work, will help sustain future revenues and growth.”

Joanne Cholerton, 3SC’s CEO says: “Our building of third sector supply chains to win and deliver public services has already helped grow third sector capacity and supply chain confidence. We encourage new third sector organisations to come and join us in this work.”


John Swinney, 3SC Chair,
Joanne Cholerton, 3SC CEO,