8 Years of Access to Work Delivery and Still Going Strong!


Image by Miguel Bruna, Unsplash

3SC has been delivering Access to Work for over 8 years and we are delighted to have helped over 4,000 people.


Access to work is a DWP programme that works with those living with physical or mental health conditions or disabilities to start or stay in work by paying for adjustments such as:


  • Specialist equipment
  • Support workers
  • Travel to work
  • Sign language interpreters


Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson said:


“Having a disability or health condition must not be a barrier to enjoying a fulfilling career – and the support available means there’s no excuse for employers who refuse to be inclusive.
Access to Work removes the obstacles facing disabled people in the workplace, helping to level the playing field and ensure businesses don’t see employing disabled people as a burden”.


Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has committed to reviewing the government’s goal to see one million more disabled people in work between 2017 and 2027 with a view to making the target more ambitious.


It is clear to all who access the programme and those who work on it at 3SC, that the impact and importance of Access to Work cannot be understated but beyond the statistics, there lie the personal stories of those who have been helped.


Ross is a wheelchair user who works for Lloyds Banking Group. He has a support worker to help with workplace tasks, paid for by Access to Work.


“Access to Work has made a massive difference to my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have a job. I probably wouldn’t be earning a living, I wouldn’t own my own home…”


Louis, who is visually impaired, also works for Lloyds Banking Group. Access to Work has paid for taxi fares so that Louis and his guide dog Dexter can get to and from work safely.


Access to Work is that key enabler which allows businesses to be as inclusive as they want to be.


To find out more about Access to Work from the DWP.

To find out more about 3SC’s Access to Work programme email: gareth.snaith@3sc.org


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC