A Generous Preview


It was a real honour to be invited into the creative process of an upcoming performance entitled, “Aspie Sons & Their Mums.” When I say “invited into” the process, I mean totally immersed! I had the opportunity to get involved in the warm up activities. These included a mixture of yoga, meditation, and creative movement. I’m not normally noted for my poise and balance, but I managed to carry it off without too much awkwardness!


This project is led by artists Jo Fong and Rachel Freeman, in collaboration with four Mums and their adult autistic sons.


The performance itself captures a weaving together of personal stories, life experiences and sound bites. This performance is actually written with the performers, so even now it’s still in the development process. Autism is a condition that affects an individual’s ability to communicate. This is a performance that gives young men a way to express their difficulties and identity. It also represents a commemoration of the quiet sacrifices made by the Mums who support them.


It was a huge honour to be welcomed into this creative space and I encourage anyone who fancies a visit to beautiful Malvern to support this event.


This event takes place on Monday 6th November @6.30pm. You can book tickets (£8) at www.feasttheatrefestival.com




Martin Quick, Neurodiversity Coach, 3SC