A Participant Case Study by Belina Grow: James K



From Job Seeker to Employment Adviser: James’ Story.


In 2019 3SC was awarded a contract by Greater London Authority (GLA) to deliver a Parental Employment Programme. This innovative programme enables us to work in partnership with Belina Grow, Successful Mums and The Write Time. Together, we provide a service to employers and parents in South and West London.


Earlier this year Belina Grow (https://getreadyforwork.org/belina/) met James. This is his story.


James lives in the London Borough of Hillingdon, is 34 and is a lone parent looking after 3 children.


James came to GRoW at the start of 2021 looking for a new career that would fit around his family life. James has undergone training through GRoW, completed an IEP Accredited Sector Induction Level 2 and has just begun a new job as an Employment Adviser with Shaw Trust.


During his time on the programme James said:


“I can’t speak highly enough of GRoW and how brilliant they have been, not only helping me in my job search but also with getting training and improving my mental wellbeing – they have changed my life. Liz put me forward to do the IEP Accredited Sector Induction Level 2. I was part of the IEP Tutor group that Liz ran on Tuesday mornings to offer help and guidance on the course, and we spoke about job opportunities in the sector. Although my career has been successful, I didn’t have much experience of job searching or interviews. I had always been promoted within the companies I had worked for in the past, so I was already known to the employer and didn’t have to rely on a CV to promote myself.


Liz suggested I undertake some training courses and worked with me to find out what sort of job I would be interested in doing and what might fit with my family life. When it became clear that I had a real interest in working in the employability sector Liz put me forward to do the IEP Accredited Sector Induction Level 2. I was part of the IEP Tutor group that Liz ran on Tuesday mornings to offer help and guidance on the course and we spoke about job opportunities in the sector.


Whilst doing the IEP course I also attended the GRoW Your Confidence programme and the Interview and CV Workshops with Sonia. Having a professional’s viewpoint was hugely beneficial. Sonia showed me how I could potentially come across to an employer during an interview and gave me tips on things I needed to work on such as my habit of fidgeting! In her CV Workshop Sonia told me I was ready for work but said my cv would likely hold me back when making applications. She worked with me to make it better and I started looking for suitable jobs. Liz made me aware of some positions in the employability that were becoming available and when I found a job I was interested in and applied for it I was accepted for an interview straight away. Without Sonia’s courses I’m sure I would still be looking for a job now.


I applied for three jobs in total and was offered two of them. Originally, I had been looking for a part-time position but with the information and advice GRoW gave me around my childcare options it became clear that I would be able to use the services of a childminder and take on a full-time position. In my new job as an Employment Adviser, I am able to work remotely from home and as I finish at 5.00pm I get lots of family time now. I started the job in June 2021 and my children really like going to their childminder as they are able to spend time with other children their age after school, doing fun things like going to the park”


Activities James completed included:


  • Job Shop – support to apply for jobs
  • Coffee mornings – informal to support networking and contact with training, jobs and advice
  • Confidence and motivation programme
  • GROW your Own Business Programme
  • App to support personal development
  • CV and interview workshop follow up with Mock interview.


As a direct result of the support provided by the programme James achieved the following outcomes / qualifications:


  • Completed level 2 IEP programme.
  • Attended Grow confidence and motivation session.
  • Attend CV and interview workshop.
  • Attend coffee morning that helps to build the network.
  • £150 Childcare support
  • £50 first week in work support


James is still, in full time employment and is receiving in work support from the team at GRoW and is enjoying his job. James also said:


“When I first started looking for a new job, I hadn’t dreamt that I would be able to work remotely and combine my job with my family life, it has made such a difference to my life.”


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC