A Participant Case Study by The Write Time: Attibe



3SC works with a group of partners to deliver the Greater London Authority (GLA) Parental Employment Programme. The programme supports parents into work, helps working parents to secure progression within their roles and assists employers to adopt family friendly practices. More information on the programme is available here: https://3sc.org/parental-employment/


Our partner The Write Time (TWT) recently worked with Attibe. Here is her story:


Attibe is a single parent with a young son and has been victim of domestic violence. Following support provided by Women’s Aid, she was signposted to the Parental Employment Programme. Attibe has worked in the care sector for many years and wished to change her career to look for more regular hours in an administration role. As a single parent, Attibe was feeling isolated and lonely, she was unable to find any time to herself and her mental health was impacted.


After an initial meeting with TWT, Attibe decided that she wanted to improve her communication skills which would help her become more confident and improve her self-esteem. TWT helped her to see her full potential and make plans to achieve her career goals.


Attibe has now attended lots of sessions with TWT, some of the activities have included:


  • Advice and guidance
  • Finding an online business admin course to update her skills
  • Confidence boosting activities
  • 1-2-1 sessions and group work to build her self-esteem
  • Workshops on employability skills, including updating Attibe’s CV, interview techniques and job search techniques


Attibe has improved her confidence and mindset and now is more positive about meeting her goals. She has also been able to gain employability skills and is now prepared for interviews. Whilst still working in the care sector, Attibe feels empowered and confident to apply for admin roles connected to care as she now feels able to move forward. Attibe is keen to undertake further online studying so that she can do training and manage her work and home life.


Attibe now feels more optimistic about her life and importantly is able to put her previous traumatic experiences behind her so that she can have a positive future.


Attibe says:


“With the help and understanding I have received I feel strong and can now take control of my future”


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC