Access to Work – Final Report



3SC delivered the DWP Access to Work contract in partnership with the RBLI from 2017 through to 2021. We built on our success delivering the previous iteration of Access to work as a prime in Wales.


We believe it is vital that we reflect, examine and act on the lessons learnt during contract delivery. At the end of each of our contracts and programmes we commission a report so that we might identify areas where further improvement might be made.


Access to Work 2 saw us overcome challenges to deliver life changing workplace assessments to over 1150 customers with a 99.22% quality achievement rate. We’re proud to have worked so closely with our dedicated and professional partners at Life Access, Access training and Jones Consulting.


To read more please view the report attached: 3SC ATW Final Report V1.7


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC