An Employer Case Study by Successful Mums: Reedham Children’s Charity



3SC works with a group of partners to deliver the Greater London Authority (GLA) Parental Employment Programme. The programme supports parents into work, helps working parents to secure progression within their roles and works with employers to assist them in becoming more family friendly. More information on the programme is available here:


Reedham Children’s Charity were keen to introduce a more flexible way of working, however, they weren’t sure where to start.


With the help of Successful Mums and the Greater London Authority (GLA) Parenting Programme, they were able to become a family friendly employer, implement improvements and train staff via online learning and workshops to support their hybrid workforce.


Our Delivery Partner, Successful Mums spoke to Claire Palmer, CEO of Reedham Children’s Centre.


What made you join the GLA project?


We have been following the work that Successful Mums do supporting women back to work, so when we were contacted about the project we jumped at the chance. We were actively trying to be more flexible and reach out to a new audience with empathy towards the aims of the charity.


What 5 benefits have you experienced have you gained from being part of the project so far?


  1. Access to six online learning modules providing training on flexible working approaches and hybrid working, including policies we can use.
  2. Free advertising to an audience of parents.
  3. Attendance at workshops (for example. Encouraging a Diverse Workforce, Mental Health Awareness, etc.).
  4. Monthly newsletters from Successful Mums on flexible working.
  5. Links to other flexible organisations.


How have you implemented these changes?


We have reviewed and updated our Flexible Working Policy and highlighted to Board of Trustees the relevance of flexi/hybrid working.


What was the impact of the project on Reedham?


The project so far has underlined the importance of valuing staff and enabling a good work-life balance. Trust with an expectation of professionalism is at Reedham’s core and the importance of communicating this value across the team and trustees has been highlighted by the learning modules of the project.


How did Successful Mums support you with the project?


Led by Jane, the team of Jo, Charlotte and Rachel have provided support by way of policy guidelines, module-based learning, job advertising on their website, and general advice on flexi/hybrid working.


What advice would you give to an employer who wants to attract women returners to their workforce?


A flexible approach and hybrid working policy are key for employers to attract the best candidates to join their organisation. Successful Mums provides a professional service for employers to take up the under-used resource of women returning to the workforce. Given support and training to one such young woman, we have fully appreciated the work Successful Mums do in encouraging confidence in women to re-join the working community and have no hesitation in recommending Successful Mums with their very worthwhile and influential career academy.







Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC