Case Study: PE Bibiana Rosario


In 2019 3SC was awarded a contract by Greater London Authority (GLA) to deliver a Parental Employment Programme. This innovative programme enables us to work in partnership with Belina Grow, Successful Mums and The Write Time. Together, we provide a service to employers and parents in South and West London.

Earlier this year our delivery partner The Write Time met Bibiana and this is her story.


Before attending The Write Time Bibiana identified that her barriers were due to lack of experience. Bibiana has experience working as a Case Worker for the Refugee Council and a Teaching Assistant for various schools within the Croydon Borough. However, none of these roles are the ideal jobs for her. Bibiana stated that her ideal role would be to work within the United Nations as an administrator. She confirmed that her lack of administrative experience was a barrier and her approach to completing applications reflected this and states that she has an inability to complete competency-based questions within an application form and this resulted in her applications not being shortlisted for interview stages.


The aims of Bibiana were to create a CV and Personal Statement, apply for jobs, complete job interview style scenarios and be able to answer interview style questions and she also wanted to practice her Information Technology skills when completing administration tasks.


The Write Time identified these barriers to work and ways to overcome them. They supported Bibiana to create a CV and Personal Statement and identified possible job roles that could meet the needs of Bibiana and her family. She has been able to attend The Write Time’s Job Search Club, where she is able, with support, to complete applications and prepare for upcoming interviews. They have also supported her by creating and holding various Workshops that support and build confidence and abilities of all the participants that attended.


From the support Bibiana received she has become more confident in her approach to finding an ideal role. She has been able to complete applications for employment by herself, is able to answer interview style questions and has made steps to improve her professional engagement with organisations. Bibiana can also approach organisations that are of interest to her and apply for jobs directly, and as a result has also become more confident using the laptop and other ICT equipment.


Bibiana has had three job interviews and has had positive feedback from the interviewers. Although she has not been able to ascertain employment, she is hopeful that she will get a job that meets her family needs soon.


Bibiana has confirmed that the project has made her hopeful for the future as she stated at first, ‘she did not believe that she could obtain a job which meets her skills and attributes’ and she also comments that the Job Search Club has allowed her to apply for roles and meet people who are in a similar position to her.


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC