Business Development Update – February 2020


Ministry of Justice Dynamic Framework


The Ministry of Justice are in the process of reorganising the Probation Service. Part of this reorganisation will involve the creation of a Dynamic Framework which will be used to commission 5 types of services that will provide rehabilitative support to offenders. These are:


  • Accommodation;
  • Education/Training/Employment and Finance/Benefits/Debt;
  • Addictions and Dependencies;
  • Personal Well-being;
  • Women’s Interventions which meet the needs identified in 1-4.


These services will be called off from the MOJ Dynamic Framework in reasonably large packages (either at a PCC area level or an NPS region level) and are likely to be best delivered through partnerships of providers. As a result, 3SC are looking very closely at this opportunity and the MOJ are saying that partnerships are encouraged. If you want to be involved in this work moving forward we strongly recommend that you seek to qualify for a place on the MOJ Dynamic Framework when it is opened. We are assured that the process is relatively simple but we will have no sight of the detail until the framework opens.


The Dynamic Framework was originally scheduled to open in January 2020 but that has now been delayed until the end of Quarter 1 2020. Once we have more detail 3SC will publish an EOI and seek to build partnerships that will bid for call off contracts.


3SC will circulate more details as they emerge but currently call offs will begin soon after the launch at the end of Quarter 1 and continue through the whole of 2020 and 2021 with the first services going live in June 2021.


DWP Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement (EHRSUA)


The DWP are in the process of developing their new umbrella the agreement – the EHRSUA. This umbrella will be used to call off regional and national services which will:


  • Provide support for individuals to select, train for, obtain and retain employment;
  • Act as the vehicle through which groups of individuals with disabilities, health conditions, are unemployed or have a barrier to work will be supported;
  • Enable specific call off programmes to address barriers to employment;
  • Allow potential suppliers to provide support either themselves or through a supply chain.


The contracts will cover one of 7 regions (which cover the whole of England, Wales and Scotland) or be for national delivery and call offs will be organised into 3 separate tiers. Currently, Tier 1 is for contracts with a value of more than £6m pa, Tier 2 is for contracts with a value of £2m pa to £6m pa and Tier 3 is for contracts worth up to £2m pa.


For Tier 1, up to 5 providers will be offered a place on the EHRSUA per region and for Tier 2, up to 8 providers will win a place for each region. It is still to be decided how many places will be available for Tier 3.


The expectation was that the tender for places on Tiers 1 and 2 would be launched by the end of January 2020, with Tier 3 being tendered later. However, the whole process has now been delayed until April 2020.


These is still much uncertainty about what services will be let through the EHRSUA and how much this provision will be worth, but this appears to be a sizable opportunity that VCSE and SME providers can engage with. 3SC continue to watch developments closely and will seek a place on the umbrella. As soon as information becomes available, 3SC will produce briefings and develop calls for expressions of interest from organisations that want to be included in the development of consortia.


Andy Shields, Head of Business Development, 3SC