Business Development Update – July 2023


There are a significant number of opportunities potentially available for 3SC as we look to expand. Building on our demonstrable success delivering coaching and mentoring, accessibility and employability work we’re putting together strong cases for further support in the health, accessibility and justice sectors. Recent opportunities include supporting children with Neurodiverse and other developmental needs, supporting adults with learning difficulties, Information, advice and guidance (IAG) services for adults and employers and reducing re-offending for those on probation.


We’ve also looked at working with the NHS and MoJ in partnership on integrated systems of support for those leaving forensic settings allowing them to access the help they need quickly whilst reducing the likelihood of reoffending. Recent wins have been positive and the expansion of our accessibility work alongside the justice portfolio demonstrates a strong and effective commitment.


It’s been very exciting to some see strong operational case studies come through that allows us to clearly demonstrate the impact with bids.


Opportunities in the pipeline at present include:


  • A Coaching Programme with Nottingham Trent University
  • A Neurodiverse service in London for people on probation
  • Neurodiverse services for people on Probation in in South West – we are expecting multiple opportunities to come up soon
  • A UKSPF opportunity for Nottinghamshire County Council  focusing on delivering activities to contribute towards Shared Prosperity Fund intervention E33 (Employment support for economically inactive people).


We are also actively building a network of organisations who provide health related support anywhere in the UK.


If you are interested in any of the above, please contact




Kathryn Jellings, 3SC Director, 3SC