Case Study: NDSC McQueen


3SC delivers the Neuro Diverse Strategy coaching programme across the UK in partnership with ‘Thriiver’. We’re proud of our delivery partners who cover a wide variety of delivery styes, approaches and sectors. We’ve worked with directors are multi-national firms, police officers, doctors, mechanics and civil servants.
Next, we will share the story of ‘B’ who was partnered with Edwina McQueen, one of our education and training specialists.


B wanted to gain more experience around presenting styles, an increase in skills to have ‘in their toolbox when needed’ and to become more organised in general. B reported that the sessions definitely helped. The impact has been profound, they report that the sessions encouraged B to think about their weaknesses whereas before they might have avoided this. The increase in organisation has meant they feel more prepared and more confidence and their employer reports a stark increase in focus alongside an improved and more succinct approach in the workplace.


Edwina also worked with Q who lives with a form of Dyslexia and was interested in adding to her coping mechanisms and workplace skillset. Q also felt that the sessions met her expectations and has resulted in an increase in confidence. Q expressed to their manager that the sessions have made a profound difference. The new techniques they learnt have been used regularly and even been shared with work colleagues, thus having a positive effect on even more people.


This work is a small example of the impact we’re proud to have on this programme. If you want to find out more or to join us then please visit and drop us a line.


Edwina McQueen


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC