Case Study: PE Farah Parekh


Farah Parekh, Parental Employment (PE) case study interview with our Delivery Partner, Successful Mums.


Please can you provide some background about where you’re from, barriers and the difficulties you have been facing?


I am 33 years old from Croydon with 2 children ages 3 and 1. When I joined Successful Mums I did not have much confidence and wanted to find part-time jobs locally. I felt like I would not be given an opportunity due to my 3-year career break to raise a family. Successful Mums supported me and helped me realise all the different opportunities that were available to me and the various transferable skills I had gained from being a mum.


What were the aims for you on approaching the project for support? What did you hope to achieve?


I was seeking guidance and support in various areas such as:

  • Updating my CV
  • Improving my interview skills
  • To gain more confidence
  • To try and find part-time jobs locally
  • Connecting with like-minded parents


How did the support the from Successful Mums help you to overcome your barriers/issues and achieve your aims?


My coach supported me by building my confidence and helping me gain interview skills by setting up mock interviews and giving me feedback. My coach also provided encouragement when I had my interviews and would always check in with me afterwards to discuss how my interviews went. In addition, my coach would also regularly email local and suitable jobs for me to apply for and helped update my CV.


What other activities or actions did the project provide?


I had 1 to 1 review sessions with my coach to review my interview skills, help update my CV and motivate me to go for regular job interviews. Successful Mums also connected me with like-minded so that we could encourage each other. I found this extremely helpful.


What outcome(s) did you achieve as a direct result of the support provided by the project?


I successfully gained employment with the support from Successful Mums and I have gained more confidence and focus which I can now apply to the workplace. In addition, I have also obtained other skills such as CV writing and improved my communication skills through the group activities on the course.


What are you doing now?  


I am pleased to say that I am now a Support Worker which I love! I feel like I am making a difference. I really enjoy the people I work with and I get along with everyone well.


What difference has the project made to your life?


It has been extremely helpful having a Career Coach supporting me and motivate me to reach my goals. I now have more confidence in my personal and professional life. I also feel more focused and organised. I am so glad that I came to Successful Mums, it has been nice to network with other people and as a whole what the company does for mums – I am really grateful.


What 3 tips would you give to mothers starting with Successful Mums?


  • Do not hesitate, just go for it.
  • Ask questions even if it sounds silly.
  • Everyone is in the same situation so support each other and make friends along the way.


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC