Changing Horizons: A Contract Evaluation


Early in 2018, 3SC secured a contract from the Department of Work and Pension’s (DWP’s) Dynamic Purchasing System called ‘Changing Horizons’. This pilot scheme was based in Nelson, Lancashire was designed to help 100 individuals improve their English language skills, particularly when applying for jobs.


Each course, designed by 3SC, took place for 4 days per week over 4 weeks and in total 10 courses were successfully completed by December 2018. Our partner The Square Metre provided the front line delivery and 3SC provided the information management system and all relationship, performance and contract management requirements.  The targets for the contract were to achieve 100 starts and ensure that 80% of customers completed the course.


Following the completion of the last course in December 2018, we were delighted to meet our target for those who engaged with the training and exceed the target set for customers that completed the course. DWP have confirmed that Changing Horizons has been the most successful DPS contract in the region.


Click here for the final report.

Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC