Charity Excellence Framework


3SC champions the third sector and to help you improve your social business and be successful in winning and delivering public sector contracts either as an individual organisation or as part of a 3SC supply chain. One of the products we offer as part of our membership package is a self-assessment toolkit. This toolkit helps identify areas where you can improve your social business and check if you are new contract or bid ready. It will also identify areas you need to work on to pass standard due diligence processes and/or to become a 3SC preferred provider. You can rate your social business in the following areas:


  • Governance and Leadership
  • Risk
  • Finance
  • Business Processes and Social Value
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Skills and Knowledge of the Workforce
  • Information Technology and Security


The toolkit will then signpost you to further support as required, for example, a suite of organisational policies and procedures that can be tailored to suit your organisation, risk management processes and templates and more. To find out more about this and our membership offer please go to


Alongside the 3SC self-assessment toolkit that can help you improve any social business sit more targeted, specific resources such as the Charity Excellence Framework (CEF). The CEF offers a huge range of resources, all for free, focussing on core business processes for charities such as finding funding, managing trustees and trusts to assist in increasing income. It also links to over 200 organisations providing consultancy, services, mentoring and training to streamline workloads enabling efficiency savings. More information on the CEF can be found here at


Both the 3SC membership self-assessment toolkit and the CEF toolkit allow you to take a new, fresh, evaluative look at your social business and help you be in the best possible position for success.


To find out more please email:


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC