Elite’s support during Covid-19


Elite deliver Specialist Employment Support (SES) for visually impaired clients as part of 3SC’s supply chain across the UK. Elite supported Lori, a mother of two with a visual impairment to achieve her goal of sustained employment as the Covid-19 pandemic began.


Lori was referred to the SES programme by her Disability Employment Advisor at Job Centre Plus. During her initial assessment with Elite, Lori and her advisor Paul, discussed how they would work together to develop a personalised action plan that would enable Lori to utilise her skills and resilience to secure employment and to overcome any uncertainty or nervousness she might be feeling.


From day one Lori showed enthusiasm bringing her polite, positive and reliable attitude to the forefront as she engaged positively with Paul. Lori participated actively in all discussions developing coping strategies, undertaking training, completing a work placement and planning her finances. Lori and Paul identified a potential need for further assistance from Access to Work and throughout her time on SES, her positive attitude ensured she overcame her barriers.


Lori’s independent job searching meant that when an opportunity arose with a local firm, she was ready. Lori secured an interview as an Accounts Administrator and was shortly offered the job. Lori’s advisor Paul helped her finalise her Access to Work application ensuring she received vital travel to work support.


Lori soon became an integral part of the team at her new employer and since commencing her new role, she has had to adapt to new working methods due to the Covid-19 pandemic including home working. Lori has demonstrated her value and skillset and has been crucial to the success and continuity of the business as the person responsible for completing the HMRC applications for furloughed employees as part of the Job Retention Scheme.


Lori is extremely proud of what she has achieved in her new job especially considering the significant challenges presented due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Lori says,

“Since working for L&M Ventilation Ltd I have seen that my confidence has grown and I have re-built my own independence. This has had a positive impact on not just myself but for my whole family”.


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC