Employment Stakeholder Survey – August 2018

As part of our Quality Assurance activities 3SC carry out an annual survey of our Delivery Organisations. Feedback from surveys provides us with helpful information about how 3SC are working with key delivery partners and managing the performance of the contracts they deliver. The views of the Delivery Organisations help ensure we are getting things right and also helps us to identify where we can improve and enhance our existing and future provision.


In the middle of June 2018, 3SC launched the second Employment Stakeholder Survey. Overall, the feedback received from the survey about working with 3SC was overwhelmingly positive, but there were some areas identified for improvement.


Please follow the link below to the full Employment Stakeholder Survey Report:

3SC Employment Stakeholder Survey – August 2018 Report V1.0

Denise Blackwell, Risk and Quality Manager, 3SC