Excellent Feedback Received in the 3SC Stakeholders Survey


In February 2021, 3SC launched our second Stakeholders Survey. The survey was sent to the Stakeholders that 3SC delivers a service for as specified in a contract between both parties. The survey was sent to both employment and justice services Stakeholders.


The aim of the survey was to ascertain Stakeholders’ views on the quality of services being delivered to help ensure we are getting things right and can identify any areas where we can improve and enhance our existing and future provision.


The survey was made up of 16 questions in the form of statements that asked Stakeholders to provide a response of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Not Applicable (NA/). In addition, Stakeholders were asked to provide any further comments about how they feel we can improve how we work with them.


The survey covered:


  • Working with 3SC
  • 3SC’s approach to contract management.
  • Communication with 3SC.


There was a response rate of 90% based on the number of Stakeholders where at least one contact from the organisation responded to the survey. Only one Stakeholder organisation provided no response.


Overall, the responses to how well 3SC is working with Stakeholders were overwhelmingly positive including.


  • Overall, 99% of responses to the statements in the survey were positive. This is an improvement on the 95% of positive responses in the 2019 survey.
  • 100% of responses about communication with 3SC were positive responses.
  • 100% of responses about 3SC’s approach to contract management were positive responses.
  • 98% of responses about working with 3SC were positive responses. There was only one response of disagree to one of the statements. However, the Stakeholder then went on to comment that their response was reflective of budget constraints within the CRC and not 3SC delivery.
  • There were no responses of Not Applicable to any of the statements.
  • The vast majority of comments provided praised the work of 3SC. Many Stakeholders commented on how they have established good working relationships with all 3SC staff and valued the support 3SC provided to delivery partners during Covid restrictions.


It was particularly pleasing to get comments such as the following which show the high regard in which our Stakeholders hold 3SC:


  • I have nothing but respect for our partner (3SC). Their contract work is thorough, constructive and challenging when required. The eye for the fine detail is ever present and the analyses are carried out courteously and constructively.
  • Colleagues in 3SC are responsive, supportive and reliable with information when requested. They find a good balance of making sure the CRC get the best from commissioned services whilst being supportive to the services to ensure we get the best from them.


The full report can be found here: 3SC Prime Stakeholders Survey Results Report April 2021 Final



Joanne Cholerton, CEO, 3SC