Funded Cyber Essentials Certificate


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is working to protect organisations in high-risk sectors from cyber-attacks with their Funded Cyber Essentials Programme. This program is specifically designed for small organisations that have a low level of cyber maturity and handle sensitive data. Sensitive data refers to any information that can be traced to a specific, identifiable individual, this includes things like names, addresses, sexual orientation, biometric data.


The NCSC’s goal is to help these organisations prevent the most common types of cyber-attacks by implementing key, foundational security controls.


The program offers Cyber Essentials Plus, a government-backed scheme, at no cost to organisations that are at high risk of cyber-attacks. To qualify for the program, an organisation must either be a micro or small business with 1 to 49 employees that offers legal-aid services, or a micro or small charity that processes personal data as defined under GDPR.


For more information on Cyber Essentials, visit the Cyber Essentials website. If your organisation meets the qualifications and is interested in the program, we recommend you apply as soon as possible. The NCSC is dedicated to helping organisations protect against cyber threats and this program is a great opportunity to secure your business from cyber threats and all the disruption that comes with it.


Go here to find out more; Funded Cyber Essentials Programme – NCSC.GOV.UK


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC