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3SC Neuro Diverse Coaching Programme Case Study


3SC work closely with a network of expert coaches across the UK. This group have an extraordinary array of Neuro diverse knowledge, skills and passion. Together with our internal team, they work to deliver work focussed coaching to people who may have a Neuro Diverse condition. This doesn’t mean they have to have a clinical diagnosis, the programme is designed to be as inclusive and open as possible.
Part of our delivery involves the regular highlighting of some great examples of our work.


Today, we spoke with Trystan Pritchard of Epic PR to hear more about one of his success stories.


“One client who accessed this programme has been able to build his confidence, arrange his work priorities and drastically improve his work life balance.
The main area we addressed together was confidence building and breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks. This allowed the client to work in the short term and reduce stresses and worries about long term and wider factors, which were often outside his control.


We also explored some elements of ‘imposter syndrome’ and tying this into ensuring that the needs of his line manager, wider team and stakeholders were met. We soon realised the client was over-delivering with his meticulous levels of detail and almost punishing himself for not achieving perfection when it was often unattainable. I often use a mountain climbing analogy to help the client on the journey and use sessions as way markers on the way to our ‘agreed summit’. It feels like a good comparison to me, being a keen mountaineer, and it often works quite well to help client visualise the challenges ahead but also the steady progress we make.
We made some real progress by combining some management theories and models with some stark, often direct discussion on the validity of some tasks, often asking the ‘so what? and ‘who cares?’ questions when deciding if they should remain issues occupying the client’s capacity for work and worry!”


Coach Trystan Pritchard said:


“I enjoyed working with this client because it was clear that he had the ability to do very well in his role but self-doubt and insecurity was holding him back. Using a few tools and building set approaches to certain tasks allowed us to make progress and I hope the client will now continue to flourish. It was also very good to be able to react to and reflect the line manager’s comments and work together to allow the client to improve under the best possible conditions.”


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Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC