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Sustainable, cost effective and reliable transport is one of the key factors determining whether someone can access and retain employment. We spoke to Mark Christie from Arriva to discuss some of the solutions people may be able to access.


Companies can access Arriva Travel Vouchers enabling them to manage travel expenses better. This cuts administration time and helps to ensure that travel is easily accessible.


Travel Vouchers are already used by lot of organisations to cover other people’s travel costs. Vouchers can be daily or weekly and can be given to others to manage their travel. Vouchers can then be exchanged for tickets that can then be used for unlimited travel on any Arriva bus for rest of that day or week.


Organisations can also obtain 4 weekly passes that are date stamped and used by the person needing to travel. Lastly, Arriva also run a Travel Club which can be used to fund their own travel. This means that annual tickets can be bought through 12 monthly instalments instead of a single lump sum. One added benefit is that 2 children can travel free at weekends and Bank Holidays with the ticket holder.


Travel to work is a significant challenge within the employability and accessibility space. We’re proud to have supported so many people to access work and in doing so, to assist them with their travel requirements. The solutions shared by Arriva are replicated by other providers across the UK and demonstrate that some solutions are out there.


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Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC