How 3SC’s Neurodiverse Strategy Coaching helped Astrid

By: Kasia Westwood, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC

14th May 2024

3SC has been delivering NDSC contract commissioned by Thriiver since 2019. We have supported thousands of people in their workplace to overcome challenges they are facing, find suitable coping strategies and reach their full potential.


Astrid is an Occupational Therapist working in primary care for a mental health directorate. She requested an Access to Work assessment due to changes in her job role, which entailed a higher turnover of patients, a faster pace and more autonomous working environment. She felt she was struggling with time management/diary management, ambiguity around boundaries of role, and effective communication. She also experienced difficulties due to needing time to process information.


Astrid received Neurodiversity Strategy Coaching from Brenda, at 3SC. She now feels more confident in her skills and abilities, including her ability to creatively problem solve. She feels more comfortable advocating for reasonable adjustments, being able to recognise how anxiety can further impact processing ability, greater flexibility of thinking, and how to manage better overall. She has successfully embedded strategies for time management and effective communication. She also understands what is reasonable in terms of the organisation’s expectations. Having received workplace coaching and coaching in IT systems, She feels much more confident within her continued role in primary care.


Astrid said:


“I am now much more confident in my self- resilience and self- management strategies, including at times of increased stress. Through Brenda’s support I am able to take ownership of my neurodivergences and feel much more confident advocating for myself. I really appreciated Brenda’s sensitive and informed approach, drawing from her unique lived experience and varied professional background. She was able to assist with developing strategies for all areas of concern and enabled me to embed these strategies successfully. She was incredibly patient with me whilst it took me time to start to explore these strategies in practice.”


“I would like to say that the support Brenda offered was excellent. She allowed me to feel heard, validated and understood. She also enabled me to advocate for myself. I really appreciated the space and time to be able to develop workplace strategies, along with Brendas insights and knowledge, this has been a really invaluable process, which I am grateful to have been offered”.