By: Jessica Joury, Neurodiversity Coach, 3SC

4th April 2024


3SC is delighted to announce the launch of the Integrated Offender Management Neurodiverse Support Service across all 32 London Boroughs. This is a brand new programme that was awarded to 3SC by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). The IOM aims to protect the public by coordinating the efforts of law enforcement, probation and other services that are part of the Criminal Justice System (CJS).


The programme will offer general and specific training to IOM practitioners to raise their awareness around neurodiversity, an issue which affects at least 50% of the prison population. It will also provide neurodiversity screening for IOM service users, as well as one-to-one coaching and support. The objectives are to stop the cycle of reoffending and collect data to inform long-term developments in provision for neurodiverse service users.


3SC already delivers neurodiversity programmes to people on probation in Wales, West Midlands and Thames Valley – All of which have proven effective so far. We are excited to now extend our services to the London IOM to address the challenges faced by neurodiverse service users. The service has 3 primary aims:


  1. To measure the scale and type of neurodiversity need within the London IOM by screening service users and categorising, recording and sharing results.
  2. To provide practitioners and service users with bespoke, clear information and practical support to improve user engagement with the IOM and to facilitate a more person-centred approach for each individual.
  3. To improve staff and partners’ confidence and knowledge around neurodiversity through both general and specialist training and support.


3SC have started delivering training to IOM practitioners, including police officers, probation officers and social services. These sessions aim to raise their awareness around neurodiversity and to help them recognise neurodiverse traits in service users. If service users present neurodiverse traits during the screening process, they will be eligible for coaching by 3SC. These sessions have been received exceptionally well, with 100% of practitioners saying they feel confident to spot signs and handle the needs of neurodiverse service users after attending.


During each coaching session, coaches will use traditional models such as OSCAR and GROW, but they will also introduce resources tailored to the learning style of each service user i.e. visual activities, discussion, video clips, signposting (such as to a GP, mental health support) as well as practical advice to help them meet specified Action Plan goals.


There is a huge need to better understand the strengths and challenges faced by neurodiverse people on probation. The training we deliver will enhance this understanding, while the coaching we provide will empower service users – All with the aim of reducing reoffending and protecting the public from harm. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this programme.