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Alan Skinner, Senior Contract Performance Manager - Justice, 3SC

Alan Skinner, Senior Contract Performance Manager – Justice, 3SC

For the past five years I have been the Senior Contract Performance Manager for 3SC in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (HIOW) managing justice contracts. Over that time, 3SC in collaboration with the HIOW Community Rehabilitation Company, has successfully developed and maintained a supply chain that has delivered offender-facing rehabilitation, resettlement and probation services. These support services include autism, emotional and anger management, accommodation, programmes for women, solvent abuse and Through the Gate services. The service users are some of the most vulnerable and diverse people within the criminal justice system and the services result in positive outcomes that reduce a participant’s risk of reoffending.


3SC’s successful supply chain contract management model is based on 11-years of experience of working closely with third sector organisations, understanding and supporting them to successfully deliver government funded contracts. 3SC don’t just offer traditional contract management but provide wider organisational capacity building support as well as support to improve the quality of services for all service users. Over the past 6 years, 3SC has managed over 90 contracted justice services. Our success is built on robust contract management processes, mutual respect and understanding with our delivery partners securing excellent and long-lasting relationships. Our delivery partners achieve excellent performance – a result of mutual collaboration which produces contract compliance and facilitates improvement and innovation.


At the beginning of February 2021, the HIOW supply chain delivery partners were asked for their views on their experience of working with the local 3SC contract management team. The responses were humbling and filled us with pride including:


Susie Little (Tower House Horses)

For a small charity like Tower House Horses, forming relationships with other organisations where an understanding of more complex structures and detailed contractual information is needed, requires encouragement and support.  3SC has provided both, with the utmost patience and professionalism.  Alan Skinner has always gone the extra mile on our behalf, promoting our service, advising and steering us through various application processes. Ryan Hayter has been diligent in managing our contract on a day-to-day basis and equally supportive in promoting Tower House Horses to CRC case managers. Working with 3SC has been a wholly positive experience.


Sally Beaven, Regional Team Leader (User Voice)

“The parameters laid out by 3SC help keep reporting regular and accurate, which helps me ensure KPIs are being met and the work we do is of a good standard. When requesting reports Alan always ensures I fully understand the mechanics of the report and the reason it is requested. This has helped me to provide the right information, keeping the target audience in mind. Alan also offers support with any barriers we have come across delivering the project, liaising with the CRC on our behalf where appropriate and helping suggest innovative ways of working. This has been particularly helpful during the last year, when his input has helped us navigate delivery during lockdown. His support has been invaluable, and I attribute a good part of the successful delivery of this project to his support and guidance.”


Linda Bolland (Beating Anger)

“I have found it very useful that 3SC are easily accessible. This is important when dealing with issues that are urgent, particularly with a high need service user group. I have valued this quick response by 3SC when needed. Thanks.”


Neil Baker, Assistant Director Catch22 (Through the Gate Services)

“Catch22 and 3SC have worked collaboratively to deliver high performing Through the Gate activities since 2015. Our partnership has been based on mutual respect and an ambition to deliver quality services. Utilising the collective experiences of our organisations, we worked together to create positive outcomes for the those we support.”


Dr. Billie Hunter (Psychology Service)

“I have worked with 3SC for several years as a sole trader, and I’ve been really happy with the level of work offered to me and the support provided. They have suggested ways of growing my business and always been on hand to offer advice for any rare issues that have arose. Having a clear link to a Contract Manager and monthly consultations has ensured that the communication between our services is always up to date. The level of professionalism is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a company to work for. “


Nicky Wilsenham, Operations Director, Society of St James

“The Society of St James have worked closely with 3SC for a number of years now & have found them to be nothing short of professional, supportive and helpful. An organisation who makes it their business to understand the client group which makes our reviews as a contracted provider enjoyable. A great team in Hampshire!”


Paul Mitchell, Service Manager, Society of St James

“I have found 3SC very understanding and knowledgeable of the work and interventions we deliver.  Our performance contract manager has always very supportive and only wanted SSJ to succeed in our service delivery and for us to meet our contract obligations.”




Alan Skinner, Senior Contract Performance Manager – Justice, 3SC