Membership Spotlight – Cornelly Development Trust



We recently caught up with Adrian Morgan, CEO of Cornelly Development Trust. CDT are based in Bridgend, South Wales and have been involved with 3SC for many years. We were delighted to welcome them as one of our first members back in April 2019. Below is an insight to the range of fantastic services offered by this community charity.


What does your organisation do?


We are a community based, registered charity, working to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of people across Bridgend County, and we do this by a variety of means,


Our services include:

  • “The Pantry” – weekly food parcels for those in need
  • “Just a Second” charity shop – volunteering and training opportunities
  • “Printalux” copy and print shop – volunteering and training opportunities
  • “Hand in Hand” employability project
  • “Be Kind to Your Mind” – mental health and general wellbeing
  • “Community Repaint” – various types of paints at low (or no) cost to those who need them.
  •  LGBTQ social group
  • Community advice and signposting
  • Upcycling/Recycling
  • Craft social group
  • Job clubs


We are very eclectic in our offering, but it is aimed at covering as wide a client base as possible. The main themes are recycling/reducing waste by reusing items or diverting them from landfill, employability and social activities to reduce isolation and build the community.


What are you working on at the moment?


As always, we are working on a number of ideas and projects, including:


  • Reinstating youth facilities within the area
  • Self employment support and test trading
  • A more cohesive employability project
  • Skill building via small scale manufacturing of products that can be sold online or in our charity shop
  • Creating a community garden
  • A domestic abuse survivors project


Tell us something about your organisation that most people wouldn’t know ?


This year was our 17th anniversary, and since we started, our organisation has supported over 5000 people with training and employment.


What’s the best thing about being a 3SC member?


3SC looks after us as an organisation and there is always someone we can discuss ideas with, or ask for advice.


What will CADDT look like in 2 years’ time?


This is a tricky question because we have gone through a period of rapid changes in the last two years, as have many other small organisations. However, we are aiming to become more financially stable by generating our own income rather than relying on grant funding, and working to double our turnover within two years. We are also developing projects that target and support each age group within the area, from “bumps and babies” through to “Silver surfers” and beyond, so a more cohesive and inclusive Cornelly Development Trust will emerge.


Adrian Morgan
Chief Executive Officer


Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC