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3SC deliver a range of workplace health solutions We have over 10 years of experience delivering exceptional levels of service on the Access to Work contract. This has enabled us to define and deliver both our Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching programme and our own Work Based Health Solutions offer.


Laura Kingdon is one of our Workplace assessors who (together with her sister Rita) runs Life Access. Laura has shared some insights on Access to Work, 3SC partnership working and the impact we can make.


“Not long ago I completed a workplace assessment with a lady who realised that I was the first person she’d spoken to in four days. Before me, it had been a cold caller. At the beginning of 2020 she’d worked in a large call centre in Swansea. She spent her day responding to email queries and inputting data. She went on to say that although she loved her job of 15 years she was actually wondering whether to move into the care sector. The reason she gave, was loneliness. “At least I’d see people every day”, she said.


She used to thrive on the routine of dressing up, a public transport commute and office banter but the last year had brought fear and isolation. Where many of her colleagues had embraced the opportunity to address their work/life balance she said that working from home took her away from friends. She knew that being part of a community was key to emotional wellbeing. Lack of connection eclipsed any other worry.


This lady’s isolation had nothing to do with the reason for the workplace assessment but I spent the majority of our time together listening. By the end of the session she’d answered her own question and was ready to send an email asking about the organisation’s plans to return to the office. Sometimes, being a Workplace Assessor isn’t just about recommending the best ergonomic keyboard or latest assistive tech; it’s about giving people the space to help themselves.


Between us, Rita and I have over 20 years of working with disabled people. We both have long-term health conditions and know, from personal experience, that not only do reasonable workplace adjustments help a disabled person do their job more effectively they also help reduce sickness absence, reduce employee turnover and increase the recruitment pool. There are 4 million disabled people working in the UK, however disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed in comparison to non-disabled people. Access to Work and schemes supporting disabled people into work are hugely important in creating an inclusive and equal society.


Like many, the last year has given us a chance to re-focus and grow. We’re grateful for the partnership we have with 3SC. When you’re a small business it helps to know that you’re part of something bigger. Even though assessment referrals are still low we are optimistic about our future. New products and services make our foundation stronger and increase our reach so that we may help more disabled people.”


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Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC