NDSC Case Study – Barbara 2023


3SC deliver the national Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching programme which works with people who may have a Neuro Diverse condition. The programme gives them work based coaching to help them get the best out of themselves.


To find out more go here; Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching – 3SC


Barbara was referred to 3SC’s Neuro-diverse Strategy Coaching programme through Access To Work. Barbara was referred to Marie Wells (one of our many expert coaches) and completed ten, one to one coaching sessions over six months.


Here is Barbara’s story and experience of the programme.

“I had been out of the office for three years as I experienced life changing events. In 2019 I became ill whilst pregnant. Illness caused facial paralysis and everything changed from then. Then Covid struck. In Aug 2020 I was hospitalised for 6 weeks with Viral Encephalitis. This is a rare but serious brain condition. Encephalitis can cause many symptoms, such as seizures, difficulty speaking, feeling weak, confusion and short-term memory loss. It can also cause long term effects of emotional and behavioural changes, challenges with emotional regulation and impulsivity.

Through the coaching programme I have learnt new skills and improved others. Such as staying calm and how to notice what I am thinking and feeling and to put it into words. Being able to talk about how I feel and what I am experiencing at work is helpful. It has also helped in building confidence to tell people at work what I am experiencing, to increase awareness and ask for things that enable me to work effectively. I have greater understanding of my thinking style and to recognise and manage different perspectives.

I am back into a regular working pattern. I am doing very well at work. I have examples of my work being used for training others, as my work has been such a high quality. I am enjoying being at work.

I feel settled back into work. I do have additional challenges that I didn’t have before these life changing events, but I am managing them. I have identified changes that have been required. With the awareness and communication supported through coaching I have been able to get things in place, and with them in place I can cope well at work.

I have found Marie to be calming and easy to talk to. She was professional and easy to trust. This made it easy for me to openly speak to her and work with her.

My long-term plans are to continue coming to work daily and continue to do a good job. I plan to work here for the longer term. I am enjoying working here.”


3SC’s Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) delivers high quality coping strategy coaching, training and mentoring to adults with neuro-diverse conditions and other disabilities/long term health conditions at work.


The service is person-centred delivering strategy coaching support tailored to the individual customer’s work-related needs. Typically, the support is delivered through a programme of two hour sessions although the service is flexible enough to accommodate multiple different models and lengths of delivery.


To find out more go here; Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching – 3SC


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC