NDSC: Marie Wells Case Study


Marie Wells is one our expert coaches delivering the Neuro Diverse (ND) Strategy Coaching Programme across the UK. Here Marie tells us a little about working with 3SC and our fantastic ND customers.


“I have been partnering with 3SC to deliver ‘Neurodiverse Strategy Coaching’ in the workplace. 3SC is an organisation at the forefront of delivering services tailored to those living with physical and mental health conditions and disabilities to ensure inclusivity, diversity and full participation in all aspects of society.


Neurodiverse strategy coaching delivers high quality coping strategy coaching/training to adults with neurodiverse conditions and other disabilities/long term health conditions at work. The coaching approach is person-centred allowing it to be tailored to the individual’s work related needs. This has been a great fit for my own coaching model that is humanistic and holistic. I am very happy to be working with people and organisations from a range of roles and sectors that recognise the strengths that different neurotypes bring. As well as supporting some of the unique challenges that come as part of navigating a (mostly) Neuro-typically designed world of systems and practice.


As a partner with 3SC, it enables me to participate in this contract that I would not have had access to alone. It also allows me the flexibility to continue with my own private work and contracts whilst being part of a team of coaches, sharing best practice within the programme. The operations team have been fantastic as have the intuitive systems used to support the programme delivery.


I would recommend organisations and individuals make use of the programme.


Here is some feedback from Alex* about our recently completed neurodiverse strategy coaching. Alex manages a team of 15 in a fast-paced commercial sector business.


‘I was experiencing high anxiety and stress and struggling to keep a high level at work. I felt I did not have the tools to communicate effectively with colleagues and this added to my anxiety. There was high level of change at work and some conflict with my line manager.


The coaching helped me to look at things from a more strategic point of view. Breaking down situations to be able to process in a more effective manner – this has reduced my anxiety. Looking at things from multiple perspectives, stepping back and being more objective has helped with breaking down situations and then pre planning communication. I have been able to approach and have difficult conversations and the tools have helped emotionally during these conversations.


I have a much more positive mind set. I am prepared to make change and have difficult conversations. I am clear and confident about my long-term career plan and how to get there.
I feel a lot more confident and less anxious and generally prepared.


The coach has been amazing and I have got on well with Marie. I felt very safe. I was in a dark place and these meetings have really pulled me out, have been a massive help and made a huge difference. My partner has seen a big difference in me. I now know that coaching works for me and is useful, so I could always use it in the future’.”


To find out more about 3SC and our programmes and to join us visit; https://bit.ly/382DQue


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC