New Government Autism support package


The DWP have announced a new package of support that they say will help thousands of disabled people into work as part of their ‘building back fairer’ push.


We deliver a nationwide Neuro Diverse coaching programme. This initiative is music to our ears. We know from first-hand experience how dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate many local Job Centre Plus (JCP) staff are. It is great to see a new strategic vision that will elevate the Strategic DWP approach.


The DWP framework will pilot across 15 JCP sites aiming to help those who are Neuro Diverse with their employment prospects.


We recently attended an ERSA disability event where the DWP confirmed that despite being referred to as an ‘Autism support package’ it is intended to support all Neuro Diverse customers.  We’re hopeful that the DWP together with their partners at Microsoft and the National Autistic Society can make a real difference.


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3SC Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching programme – Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching – 3SC

DWP Press release –



Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC