NEW Level 2 Neurodiversity Awareness Accreditation

By: Kathryn Jellings, 3SC Director, 3SC

22nd May 2024

We are delighted to announce that 3SC has recently launched our Level 2 Neurodiversity Awareness Accredited Unit. This 10 hour award is a must for anyone who wants to be able to demonstrate Neurodiverse experience and knowledge on their CV as well as employers who are serious about providing neurodiverse friendly workplaces and services.


The term neurodiversity is being heard more in society and in the workplace, but are you and your workforce confident that you fully understand what the term means, and how you can work with neurodivergent people? As part of the Equality Act, it is becoming more important to understand the term and how being neurodivergent affects people, so that we can all take part in a fully functioning society and make the most of all the diversity we have at our disposal.


Kathryn, 3SC’s Director said: ‘This is the first time 3SC has developed accredited training, so this is a very exciting step forward for us. After providing Neurodiverse training and coaching for individuals and organisations, we realised that there are very few opportunities to be able to take part in internationally accredited, recognised qualifications in neurodiversity. In answer to this problem, we have created our Level 2 Neurodiversity Awareness Accredited Unit, so that individuals and employers can feel more confident and demonstrate their support for neurodiverse people’.


Once complete, participants will fully understand:

  • The term neurodiversity, in the context of your organisation
  • How it affects individuals
  • Be able to reflect on working environments and how they affect neurodivergent people
  • How to support neurodivergent staff and customers


The Level 2 unit will be available for organisations to book for their own organisations or individuals can attend our open courses.


Open courses will be taking place on the following dates:

9th July and 12th July (2x half day sessions)

17th and 19th September (2x half day sessions)


Open course sessions are priced at £300 per person + £50 verification/accreditation fee (+VAT)


In house courses are priced at £900 for up to 10 staff + £50 verification/accreditation fee (+VAT)


3SC Members have access to this training at a discounted rate.


For further information please download our flyer here: L2 ND Awareness Flyer or to book, please contact: