New Partner Opportunity



The Parental Employment Programme is funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and from European Social Funds. This programme enables 3SC to work with parents of children aged between 6 months and 11 years in South and West London to support them with finding and sustaining employment. Support is also provided to parents who are low paid workers to help them progress in work through promotion, taking on more hours or finding better paid employment. Employers wishing to become more family friendly can also access the service to obtain free advice, tools and practical skills. The programme started in November 2020 and will continue through to June 2023.


We are now looking to expand our delivery profile and are looking for additional partners to work with us on this programme.


If you are interested in joining the 3SC partners network, please complete the application form below. All applications should be submitted to by 5pm on Tuesday the 22nd March 2022. Contracts will be awarded on the basis of a competitive process and responses to each section of the application form will be scored accordingly.


Application Form: 3SC GLA Parental Employment Programme Application final


More information on the programme is available here:


Kathryn Jellings, Head of Employment Programmes, 3SC