New Portal to Manage DWP DPS call offs


Are you delivering contracts as part of the DWP Dynamic Purchasing System?


Do you want to save significant time and cost in managing them?


3SC deliver publicly funded contracts through contract specific supply chains. To enable us to do this in an efficient and cost-effective way we have developed flexible software to record and measure the performance and impact of our provision. We adapted and tailored our software to enable us to manage the delivery of multiple contracts delivered as part of the DWP’s Dynamic Purchasing System and have been using this portal successfully over the past year. This has resulted in us streamlining and automating many of the required DWP processes saving significant time and cost in manpower. Our cloud based, secure, online portal enables us to:


  • Record referral information;
  • Automatically generate class schedules;
  • Automatically generate class schedules;
  • Record inductions/attendance/job outcomes and store the required evidence to make financial claims;
  • Automatically detect when customers meet the criteria for outcomes and automatically add them to invoices;
  • Automatically write provisional invoices to present to the DWP for approval;
  • Automatically submit approved invoices into BASWARE for payment by the DWP;
  • The Portal also assists with the reconciliation of received bulk DWP payments, by presenting the valid invoice combinations which match the payment total.


Our dedicated DWP DPS management portal can be available to you immediately, tailored to your individual needs and licensed at a very competitive rate. If you would like to see a demonstration of the portal please call Martin Bohling on 07435 963407 or email


Kathryn Jellings,  Head of Employment Programmes, 3SC