Parental Employment Case Study – Lucy


3SC works with partners to deliver the Greater London Authority (GLA) Parental Employment Programme. This innovative programme enables us to work in partnership with Belina Grow, Successful Mums, Renaisi, Beam, Twin and The Write Time. Together, we provide a service to employers and parents in South and West London.


Successful Mums recently supported Lucy and this is her story.


Lucy is a single mother of 2, who lives in Croydon, South London. While looking after her children, she ended up out of work for 3 or 4 years, and losing confidence in herself. She wanted to work in the construction industry, but despite her qualifications, she wasn’t able to break through.


That all changed when Lucy joined Successful Mums Career Academy (3SC Delivery Partner on the Parental Employment Programme) for their Back to Work and Confidence Course, where she was also assigned Dee as a career coach. Working with Dee, she was able to focus on her goal of getting back to work, building her confidence, and finding a job that she loved!


Working with Dee, Lucy was able to secure a placement with Real Places Ltd, where she gained insights into working in construction by attending meetings, being introduced to clients, managers and assistant managers, and witnessing the development of projects.


After her placement, Lucy was interviewed for a graduate role by Real Places, where she managed to beat out over 400 other applicants to secure the role. She is due to start on September 4th, and we’re all excited to see how she gets on.


Lucy left us with this message: ‘I really want women to take inspiration from my story and not give up. We are not just mums, we are people with dreams and who want to achieve success in life, and we can. You just need to believe in yourself’


Kasia Westwood, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC