Park Family Trust Grants Nearly £5000 to Trinity Winchester in Hampshire



At the beginning of 2020, 3SC’s Senior Contract Performance Manager (SCPM) in Hampshire was approached by probation services who asked if he would liaise with, and advise, the Park Family Trust (PFT) who were seeking applications to fund projects to improve the lives of people in the criminal justice system and ultimately benefit the communities they live in. 3SC have extremely positive relationships with the delivery partners they operate with across the country and Hampshire is no exception. Therefore, being able to offer our local delivery partners in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight the prospect of applying for funding was an opportunity not to be missed.


The Park Family Trust is a charitable foundation that registered as a charity in 2008. Its key aims are the relief of financial hardship, advancement of education and to benefit communities. It achieves this through making grants to organisations and sponsors or undertakes research. They are based in Hampshire but offers support throughout England and also contributes to overseas aid and famine relief.
3SC agreed to contact the delivery partners with the details of PFT and a brief overview of what applications they were looking for. As 3SC have a comprehensive understanding as to what each delivery partner offers, we were asked to review the applications and offer feedback. For example, Trinity Winchester is a charitable organisation which offers multiple services at its premises in Winchester, Hampshire including feeding the homeless, accommodation support, health care etc. During conversations between 3SC and Paul Williams from Trinity Winchester, it became apparent that the catering area within Trinity had great potential and could be utilised for developing the skills of people within the criminal justice system and other centre users. Trinity submitted their application to PFT to fund a pilot project to train ex-prisoners and people on probation to obtain accredited qualifications and work experience. This would enable them to gain employment in the catering and hospitality industries, re-building their confidence and self-respect and providing a pathway into a real job.


In December 2020, 3SC’s SCPM in Hampshire was contacted to confirm that Trinity Winchester’s application had been approved to the sum of nearly £5000 and he was thanked for the assistance that 3SC’s services had provided in this process and asked to share the good news with Trinity. Furthermore, PFT indicated that candidates who successfully complete the catering project might be given the opportunity for employment and therefore gain experience within the catering industry via PFT connections.


3SC are proud to be involved in opportunities that help develop and sustain Third Sector organisations and continue to collaborate with the PFT. This year has been exceptionally challenging with the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is especially heart-warming to know 3SC has supported its delivery partners to access new funding. A big thank you to the PFT for giving opportunities that advance skills and improve communities. Also, well done Trinity Winchester and we wish you every success in your project.


Alan Skinner, Senior Contract Performance Manager, 3SC