PEP Case Study – Ummey 2023

3SC Parental Employment Programme is funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and from European Social Funds.


This programme enables 3SC to work with parents of children aged between 6 months and 11 years in South and West London to support them with finding and sustaining employment. Support is also provided to parents who are low paid workers and to help them progress in work through promotion, taking on more hours or finding better paid employment. Employers wishing to become more family friendly will also be able to access the service to obtain advice, tools and practical skills.


The programme started in November 2020 and will continue through to August 2023. Here is Ummey’s story with the Parental Employment Programme:


To find out more go here; Parental Employment – 3SC


Ummey is a 47-year-old mother of two boys who, after years within the catering industry, is looking for work within school hours. Upon starting the Parental Employment Programme,  she did not have a CV or much interview experience and her confidence was low. She also did not have DBS nor safeguarding training and only recently started volunteer experience in school. Her confidence was low due to a lack of employability skills.

Ummey’s aims for the project were to be supported with employability skills such as a new CV, cover writing and interview skills with the overall aim of achieving paid work as a midday supervisor, teaching assistant, or nursery assistant.

The Write Time provided Ummey with regular contact and worked on building her confidence. As she had no digital access means, she was able to use their laptops to complete her training in order to obtain Child Safeguarding qualification. They worked together to improve her CV, make quality job applications, practice effective interview techniques and obtain a DBS check.

Ummey’s confidence has improved, and she has gained essential employability skills. She now has a relevant CV which she utilises in her job search, she is better at completing applications and knows how to handle interview situations..

Ummey has secured employment and works as a Midday Supervisor. She has adapted to her new job very well and enjoys being part of  and supporting the children’s development.  She now feels more settled in her mindset and this job is a great starting point for working in the childcare sector. Ummey has been working for nearly 6 months, and she is very happy to have job security and to be gaining vital work experience that will benefit her future.

Thanks to assistance from The Write Time, Ummey has now created a realistic path to employment, as well as a sustainable income and greater access to childcare support. She is less nervous and is a lot more confident than in her initial meetings. Being a single parent has being especially difficult as the judgement from her extended family and Ummey being very insecure already has had a negative impact on her. Having ongoing support and advice and guidance has been life changing for Ummey.

Ummey is very grateful for all the support she received on the Parental Employment contract and said: “Thank you Ricardo and Suk for all your hard work. I feel very supported, and I know I can come to you at any time for help and advice”.


3SC is pleased to work with great providers like The Write Time to support customers like Ummey. Along with other partners on the Parental Employment programme we have so far worked with 620 out of work customers and achieved 329 childcare, 185 job entries and 96 outcomes. We have also worked with 196 customers that are in work and supported 106 with their childcare constraints, 105 received qualifications, 49 either increased their pay or hours at work and so far 14 sustained this positive change for 6 months.

To find out more go here; Parental Employment – 3SC