Results of the Justice Delivery Organisation Stakeholders Survey


In 2019 for the fourth year, 3SC carried out a Justice Delivery Organisation Stakeholder Survey. It was sent to all delivery organisations providing rehabilitation and probation services across the five Purple Futures Community Rehabilitation Companies that 3SC currently contract manage. The aim was to get feedback on how we are contract managing and supporting them. The survey also asks for comments and/or suggestions about our service that will help us to continually improve and enhance our existing and future ways of working with delivery organisations in our supply chains.


The survey covered the following areas:


Working with 3SC.
3SC’s approach to due diligence.
3SC’s approach to contract management.
Communication with 3SC.
Awareness of what else 3SC have to offer.


There was a response rate of 65% which was an increase of 18% on the 2018 survey response rate. Overall the responses to how well 3SC is working with delivery organisations were extremely positive including:


Overall, 90% of responses to the survey were positive.
93% of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that 3SC have created a culture where they can be open and honest.
90% of responses to the statements about working with 3SC were positive.
88% of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that the 3SC due diligence process is thorough and shows that 3SC take every reasonable care to ensure their organisation is able to deliver the contract.
Overall 91% of respondents provided a positive response of Agree or Strongly Agree to the statements about contract management.
100% of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that they know who to contact at 3SC if they have an urgent issue with 96% of respondents agreeing that their 3SC Contract Performance Manager responds to enquiries in a timely manner.
The majority of comments provided acknowledged the excellent support and guidance provided by 3SC’s Contract Performance Managers.


A full copy of the report can be found here: 3SC Justice Delivery Organisation Stakeholder Survey Results Report January 2020 Final


Denise Blackwell, Risk and Quality Manager, 3SC