Spotlight on Belina Consulting Ltd
Liz Sewell



Caring is sharing – the GRoW App


The GRoW App is two years old – and it has changed the way Belina delivers employment support, by creating a community that supports women to get back to work – on-line. Like all social media it is dynamic, with posts and responses. It is also available 24/7 and it focuses on the needs of the women we support and gives them the information they need. The App creates an energy around employability because people are used to using social media to share resources.


We created the GRoW App during lockdown, as part of our 3SC Parental Employment programme with the Mayor of London. We saw it as a unique selling point: something that would show Belina’s community approach and highlight our expertise. We were thrilled when we won the ERSA innovation award and we have seen the app go from strength to strength. But the more we used the App, the more we wanted other people to use it. And that’s why we have decided to develop the App as a sector-based resource.


We will be talking about creating an online community at the next 3SC Members event – do come along.


What we get from 3SC


At Belina, we really enjoy being part of the 3SC community. We believe that there is real expertise in specialist organisations based in local communities. What we smaller organisations are good at is: supporting people; understanding their needs; getting the right help for that person; making sure that they have the best opportunities.  What we are probably not so good at is setting up a database, managing the financial reporting or even just getting in the bids. And that’s why we really value the work of 3SC.


We get to do what we do better, because they provide us with tailored IT, financial, management and bidding support. It is a strong symbiotic relationship, because with that support, we deliver more and so 3SC will be able to show higher performance and win more contracts: for us! Looking forward to many more years of partnership.


ESF Legacy – Belina GRoW CIC


Every project I have ever delivered in employability has had some element of ESF support. As the Fund winds down in the UK and so many projects come to an end – I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the European Social Fund. ESF made support for those further from the job market a reality. Providing funds for people who would otherwise be left behind.


In 2019 I stood as a candidate in the European Elections (even though we were just about to leave) in order to show my commitment to the values of supporting communities and people to level up.


Part of our response to the end of the ESF programme is to use the expertise we have gained as part of a new Community Interest Company. The CIC will be researching how do we help women get back to work? Watch out for our projects on term-time working, diverse childminding and The journey back to work.


Kasia Westwood, Contract Performance Manager | 3SC