Support for those with disabilities and employment



The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been profound with no part of the global community remaining untouched. Throughout it all the media was awash with reports stating that the virus was debilitating but you only need to worry if you have an existing health condition. Perhaps this was meant as reassurance and perhaps this was successful as we’ve seen increasing signs of an economic fightback but what about those living with those long-term health conditions or disabilities for whom this virus is life threatening in every way.


People living with disabilities were already under-represented within the workforce and were expected to be twice as likely to be unemployed. The pandemic has made this situation much worse with multiple, additional hurdles introduced by the lockdown and the extra steps needed to keep safe. If you couple this startling statistic with the fact that disabled people are roughly eleven times more likely to die from Covid-19 then the stark fact is that we have a problem.


Support is needed to ensure that people are engaged in work, protected from the effects of the virus and helped to maximise their potential to the economy.


For over 10 years 3SC have been delivering employability and accessibility contracts across the UK and we’re proud of the way we’ve adapted our contracts whilst live to ensure seamless delivery to our participants through our dedicated, nationwide network of expert partners.


3SC delivers Access to Work (ATW) assessments across Wales to ensure that people get the right equipment and adaptations to their workplace not only to get the job but stay in it. The service proves a wealth of support including anything from hardware, software, desks, chairs and mental health support. Applications need to be made through the DWP but you can find out more here.


3SC also deliver Work Based Health Assessments (WBHA) directly to any home or business. You will have contact within 24 hours from an assessor who will fully assess the workplace and relevant physical or mental health conditions or disabilities and provide a comprehensive report detailing the current challenges, workplace solutions and comprehensive quotes for any equipment or costed training identified by our team. Along with access to our support team for ongoing advice and guidance. More info is found here.


3SC also delivers Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) across the country delivering specific, holistic, executive workplace coaching and mentoring for those living with Neuro Diverse conditions. The programme is tailored in length and content whilst the delivery is adapted to remote platforms. If you want to find out more please see our article in this newsletter on this coaching programme.


To find out more about any of the above please contact Gareth Snaith at


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC