Supporting People on Probation in the West Midlands



We are very excited to be bringing our newest Neurodiversity Coaching programme to the West Midlands. Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice we are working across the West Midlands providing high quality, bespoke strategy coaching to people on probation. We are partnering with some leading industry experts in the neurodiversity field along with our own expert coaches to provide specialist support to those people with a neuro-diverse condition.


Our expert delivery partner network consists of Zems Academy, The Better Health Generation and Genius Within all of whom are accomplished providers of neurodiversity coaching with a comprehensive background of lived or professional experience. We aim to provide a variety of emotional wellbeing outcomes all tailored to the individual based on their specific needs.


Our aims are to help people living with a neuro diverse condition understand their own thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to help them identify coping strategies and mechanisms to help them to manage their condition day to day. Helping to understand and recognise triggers linked to their condition is essential to maintaining their wellbeing and improving their social interactions.


We want to help our participants access support services and maintain engagement with existing agencies as part of their rehabilitation so they have the full wrap around support of specialist interventions. We also want to celebrate the strengths that neurodiversity comes with and look at each individual set of skills and strengths and how those can be channelled in a positive way.


Our unique approach uses a range of tried and tested coaching methodologies that have been specifically chosen for this client group with the focus being on empowering and enabling our participants to feel and live better.


As part of the programme we are working closely with the Probation Practitioners by providing tailored training and development to increase their understanding of neurodiversity, which enables them to fully support their service users. We have recently delivered a series of awareness sessions which have been received with great enthusiasm and we continue to provide learning and development in all areas of neurodiversity.


One of our expert Neurodiversity Coaches Martin Quick recalls a recent experience with one of his participants.


“One of my clients has struggled throughout his life with ADHD and Dyslexia. One of his goals is to improve his literacy skills, so that he can pass his next English qualification. He told me that he has never read a book, or even a completed reading a full page since he was a child. Through the process of coaching he has developed the confidence to choose a book of fiction. During one very memorable session he read half of the first page out loud to me! It was a very humbling moment for me.”


During the short time we have been delivering we have already achieved some incredible results and we look forward to building on these successes over the next 2 years.


Sharon Lynas, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC