Supporting the Women’s Alliance services across Greater Manchester


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Logo of women's alliance, spread Bird wing in rainbow colours

Women’s Alliance Logo

At 3SC have been working with and supporting organisations to deliver a range of contracts over the 10 years since our inception, and we can’t think of a better way to add to the celebrations of our tenth year than with a report focusing on our role in supporting the Women’s Alliance services across Greater Manchester.


You can download the full report below. This document gives an overview of our contract management processes, policies and formal procedures and how we have adapted them to suit this unique multi-funded model. The testimonials give a flavour of the more intricate relationships and partnerships ethos that makes 3SC different from your average contract management functionality. This is what gives us partnerships with purpose!


Full Report: 3SC’s Role in Supporting the Greater Manchester Women’s Alliance V1.0


Steven Hulse, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC.