The 3SC Employment Stakeholder Survey Report 2019


Each year 3SC carry out a survey of the delivery organisations (DOs) providing employment services in our supply chains to ascertain how well we are supporting and managing them and also to ask for comments and/or suggestions about our service that will support us to continually improve what we do.


In September 2019, we carried out our third Employment Stakeholder Survey. The survey was sent to all DOs who are currently contracted by 3SC to deliver Employment Programmes. The survey covered:

  • Working with 3SC.
  • 3SC’s approach to due diligence.
  • 3SC’s approach to contract management.
  • Communication with 3SC.
  • Awareness of what else 3SC have to offer.

There was a response rate of just over 73% to the survey which is an improvement on the response rate from last year. Overall the responses to how well 3SC is working with DOs were very positive including:


  • Overall 82% of responses to the survey were positive.


  • 89% of responses about communication with 3SC received a positive response.


  • 94% of respondents Agree/Strongly Agree that the 3SC due diligence process is thorough and shows that 3SC take every reasonable care to ensure their organisation is able to deliver the contract.


  • 93% of respondents Strongly Agree/Agree that the support provided by their Contract Performance Manager is appropriate to the provision they deliver with no respondents providing a response of Disagree or Strongly Disagree.


  • 81% of responses about 3SC’S approach to contract management were positive.


  • 90% of respondents Agree/Strongly Agree that 3SC have created a culture where they can be open and honest.


  • 93% of DOs who responded to the survey have visited the 3SC website and 86% have signed up to the 3SC mailing list.


The full report can be found here: 3SC Employment Stakeholder Survey December 2019 Report V1.3


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC