The Disability Employment Gap


A recent report by Leonard Cheshire has provided us with some stark facts:


  • 20% of employers admit to being hesitant to employ a disabled person with concerns around the cost of making reasonable adjustments affecting 54% of those.
  • 42% admitted that making the workplace Covid safe, with specific regard to disabilities, was a factor.
  • 36% had concerns around ensuring the application process was accessible.
    Understandably then, the disability employment gap (which was 30%) has now increased.


At 3SC, we believe that recruiting and employment work best when they are fair, inclusive and empowering allowing employers and employees to prosper in working environments suited and adapted to them.


3SC have over 10 years of experience delivering accessibility solutions to the UK business and employment community.


You can use Access to Work (ATW) through 3SC to ensure that people get the right equipment and adaptations to their workplace not only to get the job, but stay in it. You will be provided with a wealth of support including anything from hardware, software, desks, chairs and mental health support. Applications need to be made through the DWP but you can find out more here.


You can also access our Work Based Health Assessments (WBHA) programme which will come to you at your home or business. You will have contact within 24 hours from an assessor who will fully assess the workplace and relevant physical or mental health conditions or disabilities. They will then provide a comprehensive report detailing the current challenges, workplace solutions and comprehensive quotes for any equipment or costed training identified by our team. You will also get access to our support team for ongoing advice and guidance. More info is found here.


You may also be interested in our Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) which is available across the country delivering specific, holistic, workplace coaching and mentoring for those living with Neuro Diverse conditions. You will receive a tailored programme adapted to remote platforms. If you want to find out more please see our article in this newsletter on this coaching programme.


Employers who feel hesitant about employing those living with disabilities, are unsure of the best way to adapt their workplaces and practices or who want to find out more about any of the above can contact 3SC at to find a solution.


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC