The Impact of supporting Neurodiversity on Employment Contracts


Our coach Brenda Houghton has recently completed 6 ND virtual Coaching session with a participant referred by Maximus. His story shows the impact these sessions can have on participant’s personal and work life.


We know that for people with neurodiversity, engaging with mainstream employability programmes can be a challenge. 3SC offers strengths based coaching to support people in smoothing out these issues, allowing them to focus on where they want to be and how to get there. Virtual coaching is a tailored flexible support for people with any neurological condition.


Initially D.M was feeling quite low, he was struggling with his mental health and wellbeing, relationships with family and managing his finances. D.M. had started on the right path and had secured a new job, working nights full time. This big change in routine was causing him some issues and he worried about being ‘sensible’ with his wages as he had struggled to budget in the past and often overspent on non-essentials and impulsive buying.


D.M.’s aims were to work on maintaining his mental health and wellbeing which he felt would enable him to stay in work and to feel successful. He was also keen to re-engaging with family and friends, which was also a challenge for someone working nights. D.M. felt that he has an outlook that focused on things that were difficult and struggled to find the joy in life.


Coach Brenda supported D.M. to plan and to set effective goals and actions pulling together D.M’s thoughts; giving clarity of where he would like to be and how to get there himself. D.M. was able to reflect on his actions and explored new ways of thinking. D.M. knew he wanted his life to be different but was unsure how to change it. Brenda empowered him to find his own solutions. By working through his choices, D.M. came up with the best course of action for him and as such he was very committed to achieving the goals he set himself.


Following completion of the coaching session D.M. feels more positive about his future. He is enjoying work and has more responsibility within his role. Some other personal highlights for D.M. include;


  • Opening a savings account and feeling very positive about planning financially
  • Looking forward to events and holidays.
  • Taking regular exercise
  • Visiting family, created stronger relationships contributing to his overall happiness and life satisfaction.


Sessions had allowed D.M to focus on what he can and cannot control allowing closure on difficult parts of his life. He has started to plan, organise, and fulfil several of his hopes and as result, he feels more in control of his future choices.


His confidence has grown enormously and believes he can succeed; he has been rewarded at work with more responsibility which he is extremely proud of as he did not believe it was possible. He has re-engaged in his life and is working towards realistic goals and this has been aided by an increase in self-awareness, gaining a clear understanding of what makes him happy and how he could incorporate more happiness into his life through the decisions he makes.


D.M said:

“It’s been good to talk to someone. I was in my own ‘head’ I struggled to talk to people. Now I have spoken to Brenda I have got a lot off my chest; and I feel positive about my future.”

Kasia Westwood, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC