Twin Group’s partnership with 3SC fuels immediate growth for both organisations


Twin Group’s acquisition of social enterprise company 3SC continues to yield benefits in terms of business growth for both organisations in addition to an alignment in values.


Since the completion of the acquisition in May, 3SC has bid successfully for a range of government contracts in the employability, health and justice markets with the support of Twin Group.


These include a major contract for the Probation Service to deliver Coaching to People on Probation in the West Midlands who are neurodiverse. The programme supports behaviour change and the emotional wellbeing of offenders as part of their rehabilitation. 3SC is also about to start an Autism Coaching programme for People on Probation in the Thames Valley, while Twin is supporting 3SC’s existing pilot programme delivery in Wales.


Securing sustainable employment outcomes for DWP customers
3SC are coaching Twin’s DWP Restart clients in Leicestershire who are likely to be neurodiverse to help ensure that their positive employment outcomes are sustainable.


3SC has a number of pilots running with other DWP prime contractors for Restart to support unemployed clients who either identify as neurodivergent or are otherwise more challenging. The service aims to solve ingrained barriers which then allows the primes’ coaches to concentrate on employability skills development.


These strategic partnerships and Twin’s own business development support mean that 3SC is significantly expanding its foothold into markets such as health, well-being and neurodiversity.


As has been recognised in recent contract wins, 3SC’s innovative approach to Neurodiversity Coaching has been increasingly recognised by the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Work and Pensions as a very effective tool for helping clients back to work or stay in employment. This is important because it is estimated that 20% of Britain’s workforce comprises persons who are autistic. The percentage is higher when factoring in all forms of neurodiversity.


Shared values benefit both partners
Since May, both Twin Group and 3SC have found that their shared priority for innovation has delivered service improvement. This is shown for example in their use of mobile technology to capture distance travelled outcomes and the strong blend of face-to-face and Zoom-style learning which clients enjoy.


There is also a shared commitment to maximise positive programme outcomes for clients and the UK Government is ramping up its expectations for public service contractors to do better in this regard as we approach a new and very tight public expenditure round.


3SC is benefiting from Twin’s organisational support in areas such as finance, human resources and business development.


Twin CEO Caroline Fox said:

“With Twin’s historic strengths in the education and skills training markets, our link-up with 3SC was bound to result in a very complementary partnership, but in six months the results have well exceeded expectations. Our shared values and approach make us well placed to respond to the Government’s increased desire to see more value for money from the delivery of public service contracts. We’re very confident that the results jointly achieved this year are going to be further replicated over the foreseeable future.”


3SC Director of Business Development Kathryn Jellings said,

“As a social enterprise used to partnering with Third Sector organisations and SMEs, there was understandably a little nervousness on our team’s part in embarking on our relationship with Twin Group at the beginning. However it’s been a great fit and we have been really delighted in how Twin have been willing to embed our own social impact values within their teams and giving us continued freedom to be innovative in our approaches.”


Kathryn Jellings, Director of Business Development, 3SC