Unlocking Neuro Diverse Potential – Case Study 2


A key part of our Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme is looking at the feedback we receive. We actively source and act upon it to ensure that our delivery is continually improved and developed. We will be sharing a number of our case studies to showcase this excellent programme and the benefits of it. Below is the second in this series.


Ruth Wooton owns Momentwm Consulting which is the Welsh spelling of Momentum. Ruth brings almost twenty years of senior leadership experience and 10 years of coaching and leadership development to the programme along with a highly professional and friendly approach. We spoke with Ruth about one of her customers and their journey.


How were things before they engaged with us, or rather you?
A was looking to better understand himself, his needs and how he could ask for help and support around those needs in order to allow him to perform at his best at work. He was about to move from a part time position to a full-time position within the same company.


What skills would you say they learnt or improved?
A’s daily routines have improved, and he has been able to develop strategies to support himself. His physical health has also improved as he’s introduced exercise and a “fake commute”. Being able to articulate his needs after writing down his thoughts as a “template” from which to work from has been really useful. His line manager has noticed that he is better able to communicate his needs both verbally and digitally.


How would you say they feel now?
A is a little apprehensive moving to new shift patterns and full-time work but feels he has the strategies, tools and support to manage the changes. The ‘remove, outsource or strategise’ approach has helped clarify how to begin to address any challenges.


Have they given you any feedback to share?
“The coach has been supportive and guided me which has been really beneficial. I didn’t really know what to expect but the combination of me being open to it and the guidance through coaching has given me a lot.”


On long term plans…
Putting small changes in to place and building solid foundations so he can focus on furthering his career and developing additional skills.


We at 3SC believe in the continued development of our programmes and such feedback is crucial. We are proud to hear of the impact that our delivery partners, like Ruth, are making on this contract and many others.


We fully recognise the impact that small changes can make and seeing it in action here with Ruth’s work is heartening. The feedback from the employer is brilliant and helping this person tackle the apprehension being felt is something we see again and again. The change to more positive approaches reaps rewards.


This programme can be accessed via Access to Work and directly through a private route. To find out more please email Coaching@3sc.org




Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC