Unlocking Neuro Diverse Potential – Case Study 3


A key part of our Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme is looking at the feedback we receive. We actively source and act upon it to ensure that our delivery is continually improved and developed. We will be sharing a number of our case studies to showcase this excellent programme and the benefits of it. Below is the third and final in this series.


Gayle Hudson is one of our practitioner coaches who brings huge amounts of public and senior management experience to the programme. Gayle’s background working at executive level and working academically with the Open University, have ensured that her knowledge and experience allow the customers to shine.


Here we have Gayle’s customer speaking directly to us on the impact she has made.


What was your situation before engaging with our programme?
I was not in a good place at work. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the workload. I was struggling to communicate my needs in an effective way. People weren’t listening to me. I didn’t have the right assistive technology to be able to use the systems I needed to use. We were going through a transition of the whole service back to the public sector which involved all new admin systems and processes which were very challenging to manage on top of an already over stretched workload. None of the assistive technology I did have was compatible with the new systems. My stress levels were really high due to my own work levels, staff shortages (covid) and managing the change process. It was a nightmare!


What skills have you developed or learnt?

  • Massive understanding of myself and the use of the STOP Model.
    I now have an understanding of different perspectives which has helped with my communication style and emotional intelligence.
  • Thinking about the ‘chimp brain’ and my emotional responses to situations has helped me to understand myself and others more and how I can better communicate my needs and understand others’ needs.
  • Thinking through the consequences of not having emotional self-control and building strategies for developing this.
  • Stress management and having more tools and ideas for managing my wellbeing.
  • Learning to take things out of my head and be rational about the things I can control and the things I can’t (circle of control).


How are things in work right now?

  • Successfully negotiated a move to a new role at work.
  • I have mentally managed what has happened, so it now doesn’t continue to overwhelm me.
  • I’ve learnt the coping strategies and awareness and emotional intelligence techniques to have better strategies for the future.
  • I now have more self-awareness which I haven’t had before, which will help me move forward in the future. This brings calmness to me, which again, I haven’t had before.
  • I realise it’s ok not to have answers all the time.


And how do you feel right now?

  • I feel confident, relief and I want to get the energy back to doing a job that plays to my strengths, where I can make a difference.
  • I now feel optimistic for the future and have a sense of purpose for the job and the work I do and how I contribute.
  • I’m ready to get my spark back!


What feedback would you like to give us?
The coaching with Gayle has been life changing. Gayle has had a phenomenal ability to help me get to where I needed to get. This has made changes that will affect my life.


The reflective stuff that has helped me dig down and face the behaviour change and thinking I needed to make. The windows are now in and curtains are open!


What does the future hold for you?
To continue the journey and not allow myself to fall back into old patterns.
To get on and enjoy my new job role and let things go when they need to.
Bring in more spontaneity and fun in my life outside work.


We at 3SC believe in the continued development of our programmes and such feedback is crucial. We’re proud to hear of the impact that our partners, like Gayle, are making on this programme and many others.


It’s always good to hear of customers who make a concrete change in their approaches but even better when it’s phrased in the way it is here. “The windows are now in and curtains are open!”. This feedback reads in such a positive, open and energetic way that it is hard not be infected by it. To go from feeling things were nightmarish to being where they are now is something we love to see.


This programme can be accessed via Access to Work and directly through a private route. To find out more please email Coaching@3sc.org




Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC