Unlocking Neuro Diverse Potential – Case Study




A key part of our Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme is looking at the feedback we receive. We actively source and act upon it to ensure that our delivery is continually improved and developed. We will be sharing a number of our case studies to showcase this excellent programme and the benefits of it. Below is the first in this series.


Sabrina Francis is CEO of Mind Set Match. She has delivered our Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme since the beginning and has demonstrated her commitment to Neuro-Diverse Coaching again and again with her friendly and comprehensive approach.


One of Sabrina’s customers shared their story with us.


How were things before working with us on NDSC?
My thought processes were chaotic, I felt I knew things could be better, but I didn’t know how to change things.


What do you think you have learned or improved on?
I’ve a much calmer mind, and more control over my emotions. I’m more confident and assertive in my communications. The strategies I’ve learned help me to plan what it is I want to achieve. I’ve also learned to talk more care of myself, take time out, giving time for the things I enjoy and that help me to wind down. I’m able to be more open about my difficulties with others, this is a huge step for me, and it’s made life easier and less stressful.


And now?
I’m a good place, a much better place. I’m buzzing, I have a real sense of achievement and excitement for the future.


What feedback would you like to share with us?
At the beginning I wasn’t entirely sure what would change, it’s been a really, really positive journey for me, really beneficial and I’ve enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anybody.


Going beyond this programme, what is next?
To progress career wise, to maintain being the person I feel I am today, and regularly revisiting the work we have done together.


At 3SC we strive to continually develop and improve the delivery of our programmes and customer feedback is crucial to do this. We’re proud to hear of the impact that our delivery partners, like Sabrina, are making with this programme and many others. It is great to hear of the positive, beneficial and enjoyable feel that the programme has provided, helping this person move from a chaotic thinking style to one that is less stressful and more productive. Good work!


This programme can be accessed via Access to Work and directly through a private route. To find out more please email Coaching@3sc.org




Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC