Using Bespoke Portals for Efficient Contract Management – 3SC’s NDSCP Portal


3SC’s Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme (NDSCP) provides individual mentoring and coaching support to adults with neuro diverse conditions such as dyslexia, autism, aspergers and dyspraxia to support them with their performance and wellbeing in the workplace.


The programme is delivered nationally and offers hours of face to face coaching spread across several weeks. Our coaches meet the candidates and spend time understanding their starting point before building and working through a holistic and individual plan of mentoring and coaching which, whilst structured, is personalised to the needs of each candidate with the goals set in partnership.


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The programme has been designed to service the needs of thousands of customers at any one time. The content is highly variable, agile and flexible as it is delivered to suit the specific needs of the individual and as such the management of a national, personalised and ambitious programme needs IT infrastructure to match.


3SC designed and developed a bespoke and secure web portal to contract and performance manage the delivery, information and coaches. By automating many of the repetitive contract management and performance steps, the portal allows 3SC to reduce the administration time needed not only for our contract performance managers but also for our the coaches maximising the time spent interacting and helping our customers.


Each customer is entered onto the portal and their ongoing status and progress can then be viewed and managed from that point by coaches who can access and update their customers details, progress and documents, local managers and 3SC contract managers.


Alongside an array of performance management tools such as reports that show at a glance the progress of each customer and areas that require praise, mediation or rectification, the portal performs dozens of tasks completely autonomously including:


  • Finding the geographically closest coach available for each customer and notifying them of the referral.
  • Actively soliciting missing data on the achievement of outcomes which is needed from coaches before payment can be made.
  • Determining which outcomes are ready for payment.
  • Writing/scanning/emailing invoices.


Overall, we estimate that the automation of such tasks saves 3SC around 40% in staff time and thus costs.


Across the majority of our contracts 3SC has designed and built successful, cost effective and efficient bespoke portals to enable efficient, effective, value for money contract management. If you are interested in discussing how our portals could work for you please contact Martin Bohling at


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Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC