3SC stakeholder surveys



Towards the end of 2019, 3SC completed three of our key stakeholder surveys in order to ensure the continuous development of our provision, relationships and delivery. This ensures we are always safeguarding our standards and are focussed on providing quality provision across our delivery platforms.


We are delighted with the results and whilst we always feel there are areas to build on, we are happy to share the reports and some of the excellent feedback received.


3SC’s Prime Stakeholder Survey revealed that 99% of responses about communication with 3SC were positive responses of strongly agree or agree and overall 96% of responses about working with 3SC were positive responses of strongly agree or agree.


To read more about our Prime Stakeholder Survey, head here.


Our fourth Specialist Employability Support Customer Survey showed that 100% of respondents rated the service provided by their adviser whilst on the programme as excellent or very good.


To read more about our Specialist Employability Survey head here.


Lastly, our Justice Delivery Organisation Survey received 90% positive responses across the board when asked about working with 3SC, our contract management approach and communication and 93% feel that 3SC have created a culture of openness and honesty.


To read more about our Justice Delivery Organisation Survey, head here.


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC