3SC Webinar Unlocking the Power of Your Network Monetising Your Connections

By: Kasia Westwood, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC

21st March 2024

3SC held another monthly Webinar in March with an amazing speaker, Tracey Currell – Founder of Introbiz, who presented ‘Unlocking the Power of Your Network: Monetising Your Connections’.


Tracey gave some useful tips on how to turn your network into a goldmine of opportunities, presented useful strategies and techniques to monetise connections effectively, build a profitable network and how to cultivate meaningful and profitable connections, no matter your industry or profession.


She gave us a masterclass in how to leverage online presence, the art of utilising social media platforms, LinkedIn, and other digital tools to amplify your reach and engage with valuable connections. This included, understanding how to position yourself as an expert within your network and turn your knowledge into income. We learnt about strategic partnerships, explored the power of collaboration and how to create mutually beneficial partnerships that boost the income potential.


Find out more about our guest speaker:
Founder: Tracey Currell • Introbiz


Tracey helps people make more connections to connect to more people and creates and connect communities for global opportunities so that they can grow their business exponentially and create more sales opportunities. Tracey would love you to get in touch if you’d like to learn more!